“We carry one of the largest selections of guitars in Edmonton.”

Guitars/Stringed Instruments

Carrying one of the largest selections of guitars in Edmonton, we are proud to carry over 8 lines of Acoustic guitars and 3 lines of Electric and Bass guitars. Also, with a huge selection of Folk instruments and Orchestral String instruments, your musical needs can easily be met. Whether you are looking for a new instrument to play on stage, or a new instrument to start taking lessons on, you can be sure to find it here.

Acoustic Guitars

Beaver Creek   Simon & Patrick   Norman
Beaver Creek   simonPatrick   Norman
Gibson   Ibanez   prudencio
Gibson   Ibanez   Squier
Fender   Takamine   Ovation
Fender   Takamine   Ovation
Breed Love   Yamaha   Breed Love
Breed Love   Yamaha   Breed Love
Daisy Rock        
Daisy Rock      


Electric Guitars

Fender   Gibson   Squier
Ibanez   Gibson   Ibanez
Godin   Squier   Ibanez
Godin   Ibanez   Ibanez
Daisy Rock        
Daisy Rock        


Bass Guitars

Fender   Yamaha   Schecter
Ibanez   Ibanez   Schecter
Squier   Daisy Rock    
Ibanez   Daisy Rock    


Folk Instruments

Fender   Ovation   Mahalo

FenderFender Fender

  Fender   Mahalo
Ibanez   Kalo   Oscar
Fender   Kala   Oscar


Violins, Cellos, and Stringed Intruments